Editorial of the 1st issue


The announcement of publishing “Elmardjie “ academic Journal came in a very  particular context  stressed by profound transformations in both human society structures and  publishing spaces in Algeria and all over the world. Thus, our academic preoccupation isto cover these shifts in their proper fields using adequate instruments and scientific methods able to grab theses phenomena and analyze them,  in order to provide scientific knowledge, responding to the specific conditions of scientific research, on one hand, and covering all the fields of social sciences and humanities  in a comprehensive holistic perspective.  A perspective that puts these fields on a global scale as it takes charge of the details of each one; preoccupied by the details and specific limits of each field of knowledge and interested in the boundaries and the links that constitute the social network in an indivisible human unity.

The divisions motivated mainly by the obsession of “scientific” specialization has led tothe separation between the disciplinesand pushed the researchers to limit their interests to some particularfields not overflowing to the wide horizon of the social knowledge and humanities. This results in a hostile tendency that excludes the cultural and cognitive from the research fieldas non “scientific”.  As a result, the academic publishing tended to be limited in over specialized fields. This leads to the partitioning of social knowledge and thus its inability to grasp some of the interconnected links between social fields and humanities. Another aspect is the limitation of the researcher interests in microscopic areassettle for technical, quantitative and applied analysis sacrificing the overall social and human dimension.

El Mardjie for studies and research holds the ambition to open wide the doors for a comprehensive global research horizon in the social sciences fields and humanities as a whole,by providing them with the social and human epistemological visions and research tools that allow linking knowledge fields and enriching them with each other. This would enable the researcher to embrace the philosophical visions with the cognitive implements of hisparticular field whiletakingadvantage of the horizon of cultural, literary, communication, linguistic studies and ICTs besides historical and anthropological studies, which represents a mutual enrichment of knowledge fields.

The El Mardjie academic journal also aspires to adopt scientific research standards as a basisforreaching a knowledge production that meets the effective demand and provides the adequate condition to academic publication through the scientific editorial committee that supervises the journal and the esteemed scientific committee. In this regard, the El Mardjie journal strives to meetthe academic publishing conditions according to the available resources with the contribution of the researchersand their needs and concerns. In this account, we highly appreciate the academic spirit of the committee members and the researchers who were quick to enrich this issue with their papers and their diversified visions, hoping that our ambition to a dynamic, profound, multidimensional and continued research would be realized.

El Mardjie for studies and research



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